About Us
Company Established in 2002. It was an step taken for the purpose in context of participanting in the ongoing cycle & process of proliferation of cultural harmony & learning from the fusion of different cultures, peoples their ideologies.

Although there are some economic gains also related to this but basic human ciriosity to know about the uniqieness of each society, genera, suburbs, tribes was also there.

Another thing is that from fe years back to now days and beyond today this is a transition phase for every segment of human life. Because of scientific progress peoples of different cultures are able to interact to each other throught different ways like..

A). Easy & Quick Transportation.

B). IT & Internet

c). Fast communication facilities

Apart of these reasons basic human tandancy of moving, interacting & desire for change in enviorment & improving & understanding different culture is also inspiring people of different countries to move every where.

"Silk Routes" tour & travels is th name itself serve the purposes above stated. In ancient times silk routes was the name of the path on which silk traders use to go from west asia, europe to china, mangolia, fareast via India.

At that time period also:-

- Silk Route was connecting countries, cultures & peoples.

- Now we have taken the responsibility of making bonds among socities & cultural groups in the form of "SILK ROUTES".


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